Policy & Public Affairs


Our membership is without doubt the broadest of any professional body concerned with the built environment. Combined with our remit to act in the public interest, as outlined in our Royal Charter, this helps us to form and evolve socio-economic research from a unique perspective on a whole range of issues, including the ethical conduct expected of construction managers and how we use construction as a vehicle to increase social mobility and improve productivity.

We set our research aims and reach our policy positions in consultation, using our members as well as our Policy Board. To support our research we frequently survey our members and also commission respected polling companies to ask the public and MPs for their views. Our research is based on solid evidence, ensuring that we provide policy makers with the right information in order to make informed decisions across a wide range of topics.

Our research is freely available, but its title, source and date of publication must be acknowledged if cited. Any content, including data and analysis, must also be reported accurately and not used in a misleading context.