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About Us

Our aim

The quality of the built environment affects every member of society. As a professional body that represents the leaders and managers who work at every stage of the lifecycle of a construction project, we seek to influence government, industry and other stakeholders around the world with the aim of promoting the construction management discipline and addressing the challenges that the sector faces.

What does the CIOB do to influence policy?

CIOB’s membership is without doubt the broadest of any professional body concerned with the built environment. This expertise helps us to form and evolve policy from a unique perspective on a whole range of issues, from the socio-economic benefits of investment in the built environment, the ethical conduct expected of construction managers, the health and safety of the workforce, and the environmental health of the planet.

With such a diverse membership, how do we decide what to influence? This is quite a complex process: we survey the opinions of our members, we work with other industry groups and bodies, we engage in dialogue with parliamentarians and we also have our own views, based on the values and principles set out in our Royal Charter. To help establish our policy aims and oversee their delivery, in 2014 we set up a dedicated Policy Board made up of expert CIOB members, which reports directly to our Board of Trustees.

Our status as a chartered professional body means we act in the public interest – not the industry’s – meaning that we provide a trusted, impartial voice. We do not shy away from difficult issues; over the past few years we have highlighted corruption within construction, acted to raise awareness of and eradicate modern slavery, and looked at tackling the UK’s productivity puzzle.

As construction keeps innovating, we will not stand still; we continue to lead work on improving the industry’s future and providing solutions to the challenges that lie ahead.